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Welcome to This is a new website for Annie Kirkwood and Mother Mary which had previously been a part of website. The messages come from Mary, Mother of Jesus, who speaks to me when she wishes to send out a message. Why this came about is still a mystery, and it has been an on-going mystery since 1988. The first messages were complied into the book "Mary's Message to the World",which was released in 1992 by Blue Dolphin Publishing. In 1995 it was relesed by the then publishing company, Putnam/Berkley Publishing. At that time it became a best seller and was listed on several best sellers list.

The most interesting newsletter for most people is the June '96 issue which tells of the grace period we find ourselves in now. But soon, Mother Mary tells us things will change drastically. She said 2012 would be a monumental year. I asked if I would view this as monumentally good or monumentally bad and received no answer. I guess it's all about our perception or belief system, or maybe just attitude.

In 1988 when this all began, I lived in fear and anger. Over the years, I've written about how I went about changing that in my life in the first section of this newsletter. The best is saved for last and that is Mother Mary's message. The newsletter is published every two months when I get the inner urging to sit down at my computer and take it down. I have received many letters over the years which say that these messages have made a difference in a person's life. I know they sure have in mine. Each month these messages touch on faith or love or her favorite topics of forgiveness and peace. The messages are personal and make you feel like she is talking directly to you.

Enjoy the website and browse the old messages and the articles from both myself and my departed husband. He had a lot to say about being prepared and today more and more people are heading this urging from govenrment angencies. Thank you for visiting our site. You may reach me at I welcome comments and stories.

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The previous newsletters, since Feb 1992, are contained in the book Mary's Message of Hope
available through or at many local bookstores.


Here's the messages Annie received from Mother Mary before and during the
Conclave for Peace, our open house and annual Mary Day "get-together" (Aug 15, 1999). Annie's poem: "God Loves Me, Just as I Am!"

The Spanish translation above was done courtesy of Claudia in Houston.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to her for her efforts and excellent work.


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Newsletter Catalog Interesting Links About Annie & Mary